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  • I had a cool free game idea called "Totally Not Pacman" where it would be pacman in inverted colours (except black) so the walls would be green pacman would be blue or something like that, it would be exactly like pacman except if you hit a cherry or eat a ghost you would go crazy and not be able to control pacman so he would almost instantly die. It would be based on randomization so you would be able to survive but it would be very hard to. Would that be a game you would play? Is it a good idea or should I scrap it and try something else?

  • It kinda sounds interesting, but to be honest I think maybe if you pen your idea down, and show it here or even try to make a portion of it in Construct we can see and advise accordingly.

    You'll never know if you don't try!

  • hmm nah. I'm sure you can come up with something more original Anyway you could prototype it pretty quickly and see.

  • In general I suspect when an idea goes "Like... ...but annoying" quite few people would enjoy it.

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  • Thanks for the help I could prototype it as a side project while making something else and see how it pans out if it is good I might release it to the public if not I might scrap it and work on something else, thanks so much these were very helpful

  • I think it's worth trying a prototype of the idea. Parodies style games have many in the market, search before. Sometimes we think we have an innovative idea when in fact was invented a long time and turned upside down.

    Happens to me all the time xD


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