How can I identify the gender of my player implicitly

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  • My idea is to implicitly personalize the game character that the player will be using while playing (i.e. if the player is male then the game character will have a male look. If the player is female then the game character will have a girly look).

    In order to achieve this, I thought about asking the player (within the game home interface) to say his/her name (via microphone) in order to save it in his/her game profile. Then, based on the input voice (while saying the name) the game uses the voice pitch to identify if the player is Male/Female.

    Is it possible to implement this method in C2 and if yes how so? Or is there any other method I can use in C2 to achieve my goal.

    Thank you in advance


    Is it the same question or I misunderstood ?

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  • Yes it's. I thought i can repost it in this category of the forum to see if i can get some replies. Hope it 's not against the policy of the forum. If it's my bad and i'm sorry

  • male female option is the only one you can tell... there is no other way.. not even google knows what sex u have.. unless u state it in your profile...

    edited... there is no other practical way.. there are different methods to detect a user gender.. but in the end the most effective ones are the ones that are using user inputs.. even if you take the info from your own game options... or from their social connection i.e user connects with facebook or Instagram or some social account that allows you to take that specific table of information.

    you can experiment with the voice detection and many others or by taking snapshots and have a face detection or something else.. but they will never be as accurate as when people will say hey im a guy... or hey im a girl

  • It'll be a problem if the person is a man with higher pitch than normal or a woman with lower pitch than normal. Or people that refer to themselves as another gender and so on. I don't think it's a wise idea to assume the gender of the people that play your game, even if the assumption is made with a complex system that you've put a lot of time and energy on. Food for thought.

  • Thank you guys for your answers

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