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  • anyone have any good ideas on a cooking game? or food related?

    i want to create some cooking games but don't really have any ideas on the design and the game concept. it would be good if someone could share there ideas


  • 'fast food' and 'burger time' were both great. My daughter likes the ones were you bake cakes or cookies... I think it's "purble place."

    It wouldn't be very PG, but it could be a breaking bad style of cooking.

    Back to food, focus on eating instead of cooking. A 'diner dash' style game could be through the customer's point of view. Call it "super sized" and have a skinny man having to balance the need for burger & fries, while also having to wash it down. An improper balance will lead to hiccuping.

    After many orders and visits to the bathroom, the man wins when he can no longer fit out of the door.

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  • thank you for the idea mate

  • Well, I'd suggest you start doing a research on food related games past and present: you'll surely get plenty of inspiration from them!

    Besides the already mentioned Burgertime and Diner Dash, you should also check the Cooking Mama series and, maybe, even the old classic fun Tapper (though that is more related to beer than food!)   

    Ok, I'm getting hungry now, go grab a bite! <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Maybe try something twisted like you have to create poison foods for dictators or something like that?

    Or something bizarre like you have to cook food using unconventional household objects.

  • Here's an interesting and unusual take on the genre - McDonald's Videogame by Molleindustria:

  • I found Flipline Studios "Papa's _______" series pretty addicting.

    They pretty much just re-used their entire character and minigame libraries and made small adjustments to the background of the restaurant to match whatever it is you're making.

    The thing that kept me hooked on them was that they did a great job on using similar cooking methods like flipping hotdogs and pancakes and dumping toppings on each similarly, but tweaked them to suit the type of food from one game to the next just enough to keep me interested.

  • you could create a cooking game in a type of puzzle and finger reflexes

    eg : press W for tomato

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