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  • hi all ! (alslam alaikom)

    ok today im just gonna hear from you :)

    i want to know some ideas for platform,but i would like to hear weird things XD

    i don't want rotating things because it won't be there.

    also i knew multi monsters.. ok but what these monsters do? skills? what...remember this platform has 1 health so one hit you die and play again.

    also if character need skills tell me..

    ill hear everything and ill do the levels but remember there will not be alot of levels so the release will be really soon about week or two weeks max !

    (university will come in two days so the working will be little slower)

    good luck to you all and to me!! and thanks for help!

  • hmmmmm a level where you control a frog that can use his tongue to grab on to things to swing and battle lol. Totally random XD.

    Tricky Licky The Frog lol

  • AarongamerX nice idea but my game wouldn't have a frog but its nice idea seems ill try it in other way like a button when i click it i can control a magic that moves and grab something .... thanks ^^ seems this idea need weeks for it XD

    thanks again ^^

    by the way my platform (wizard look almost like my picture)

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  • sounds cool man. can't wait to see it.

  • soon but it will be beta or few levels only

  • AarongamerX ok today i done this thingy (like fully 90% no bug) i mean your idea ^^ but need some fixing in something and put it in new level and do one more level and ill upload game ^^ hope next saturday i release it :)

  • that's awesome dude. It feels good when you can actually make what your thinking XD.

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