idea for optimize my game, is effective?

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  • oh Hello, is my first post here

    my project uses stages with a big layout 20000x550px, and many sprites so. For a method to try optimize my game and makes it faster I input a referencial in my character thats who leaving the sprites hidden in a particular field of distance. My doubt is whether there is really any difference in performance of an object is hidden or not.


  • You posted in the wrong section. This post should be in the "How Do I".

    I just wanna say before you delve much deeper. Research. A lot of new devs dive right in withough knowing enough technical knowledge and then have a hard time understanding why there is a problem.

    1. GPU's only can handle image sizes of 2048x2048.. if you have an image size larger. You will suffer both memory and speed problems..... I see you have a 20000 width image there. You will want to slice that into 2048x550 and then placing them next to each other

    2. An invisible sprite does no render and is no problem on the GPU. However if it's still moving then it still uses CPU.

    3. A Opacity 0 object is still rendered and use the GPU.

    4. batch your sprites into types and layers.

  • wrong section? ouch!

    my layout is 20000x550px, but without have images with that size! but thank you for answering my question, I will think in others ways to solve that

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  • oops . I misread.

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