An idea of making an authentic shmup arcade game

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  • I was in a hiatus for a long time since I haven't program this arcade game yet in Construct 2 using a personal license. I'm thinking of making an arcade shmup game with authentic 2D 16-bit pixel art graphics that resembles close as an arcade game should since I'm very skillful in pixel art so here is the sprites I'm currently making: ... 8c9e5db1f4

    The story for the game is that the Baron decided to take over the world in the far future so you use the ships that are modeled based on the Clock Crew from Newgrounds to retaliate against any Newground characters by the Baron deemed infringement as they we're trying to confiscate.

    The pixel art design is slightly based on Dodonpachi, Toaplan, and any arcade shmup games since every assets needs to be well custom pixelated and the game needs to be well balanced as a bullet curtain game.

    I started this for ages since I wanted to make an authentic arcade game for Newgrounds as a dream since I wanted to have my own arcade game emulator that I created.

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  • sounds interesting but the link doesn't work.

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