An idea for a different philosophy of shooter (peaceful)

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  • I feel like airing this idea mostly just to feel it has some room in general.

    I was thinking of a more constructive idea for a shooter. To be honest, I'm sick of killing being some sort of highlight of play. It's not just that it's killing, it's sort of cheering on something that has nothing to do with our own lives. How about we cheer on our own lives in a game sometimes?

    But the principle of shooters is fun.

    So I was thinking of what might be called a diplomacy shooter. Your bullets are actually food and/or money - hitting a target makes it more peaceful to you. Targets don't explode, they go into some sort of relaxed mode and scroll off the screen. You'd go through levels shooting the shit out of everyone with the idea of harmonizing dozens of targets. You beat levels, but its not about leaving hundreds of bodies behind - well, it is, hundreds of living bodies who are less aggressive and more peaceful now. Kind of like the batman games don't involve killing, though it wouldn't be beating the crap out of targets either.

    You might be thinking 'Okay, so it's just a shooter with a different skin?'. Yeah, I was just putting out the idea to feel what room it has in general.

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  • Yeah it sounds like a shooter where you run around with a tranquilizer gun.

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