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  • OK.. this is just an idea... but it' something which I would love to see made.


    The Boba Fett game will be a 2D platform, shooter, adventure game, where you play the infamous bounty hunter just minutes after he is swallowed by the disgusting Sarlaac (Star Wars ROTJ). Players guide Boba as he escapes to Mos Eisley spaceport and tries to re-build his reputation as the galaxies most notorious bounty hunter.


    Pre-rendered sprites to give a pleasing, solid 3D feel. Similar scale to the Super Star Wars series on the SNES. Levels will be explorable without time limit, unless the level is a chase section on a speeder bike or Boba is running from a giant monser.


    Players can run, duck, jump, shoot (8 directions), boost jump (when he has his rocket pack), can temporarily tie-up enemies with his fibre-cord and has a wrist flame-thrower for close encounters.

    Players will have a certain number of hearts, for health, which are lost when hit by enemy attacks. Hearts can be restored by picking up med-packs. Players don't lose health for falling, unless off screen or into a hazard (acid/lava/spikes)

    Story (levels)

    Game starts with Boba waking up inside the Sarlaac stomach. Boba must find a way out. This level is fairly safe for the player to learn the controls, but there's still some passive dangers I.E acid pits, noxious gas, minimum threat monsters. Boba's weapon is found about half way through and his jet pack is barely functioning.

    The player then escapes into a dangerous cave system, filled with monsters, pit hazards, lava pools, falling rocks. Boba will have to defeat a large cave monster to finish.

    Next players must travel through the Tatooine desert until they reach Mos Eisley. The desert is filled with monsters, sand people and quick-sand.

    In Mos Eisley Boba learns that Jabba the Hutt is dead. Boba decides to hunt down Han Solo. The player must carry out some bounty jobs to earn credits to buy information on the rebels whereabouts. On the last bounty job the target is (unknown to Boba) an Imperial spy, which means Boba becomes an enemy of the Empire.

    Boba must then leave Mos Eisley without being killed by Imperial Stormtroopers. This section would end with a boss level – maybe an AT-ST.

    In the next level Boba has hijacked a speeder to escape but is pursued by Imperial speeder bikes. This will be a fast paced scrolling level where you can dodge/shoot enemy speeders - Boba crashes and is taken to an Imperial detention centre on the Death Star.

    Due to the guards being distracted, by the battle over Endor, Boba manages to escape. Boba then has to shoot his way through the Death Star and reach a hangar, to steal a ship, before the Death Star is destroyed.


    Thanks for reading


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  • More like, Im'a fret the litigation.

  • Yeah. I'm sure Disney would love someone making a game of their IP. Anyway, its just an idea. I'm not starting it .....yet. Maybe I could call it "Bobs Jett" lol

  • If you remove Boba Fett (which you will have to), this sounds like a generic side-scrolling platformer, so go make it! You could focus more on his jetpack and include some nice floaty flying mechanics, picking up fuel capsules or something

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