A huge game creation event! - but for only one game

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  • Okay so basically the idea is we get a huge group together and one of us starts a new construct project and then they get to add 1 feature and or 5 lines of code. Then we trade it off and the next person does the same! Then we just repeat that process bringing new people in and sometimes re-cycling through if no new people join. It's more of a meme idea than anything but I think it'd be cool to see what kinda randomness we could build ^^

    Anyone can join and everyone is welcome even if you haven't used or heard of Construct 3 before, it's really easy to learn and also allows for actual coding instead of visual scripting! Anyways I really hope that some people would be interested and remember its just 5 lines and or 1 feature so it won't take you more than 30 min most likely :)

    I have the full version of construct so I can hand out temp keys. If you'd be interested let me know and or join the discord: discord.gg/4gV9N87c (That link will only let 25 people in, I'll try to get everyone in but for right now I wanna start small and see how that goes)

  • Hello, I have a crazy idea to propose.

    But it's going to be hard, I won't be able to do it but I have lots of ideas!

    I'd like to be able to put resize, move, rotate handles on the objects, so that we can resize, move, rotate them, alone, or in groups.

    We will also need a selection rectangle to select objects.

    It's like being in construct edit mode, except it's in the game itself.

    Construct is so great...

    I have a lot of ideas, the goal would be to be able to manipulate the objects like I said, with the mouse.

    And also to be able to customize the handles, like put the handles that I want, or that I want on the object, and customize their behavior.

    Also to be able to customize the cursor that will appear when the mouse is on an object, it's probably already possible to do it in fact so that at worst we don't care.

    Do you understand what I'm saying?

    Otherwise your idea is great!


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  • Adding Fabric JS ( fabricjs.com ) to Construct and you can get that done.

  • Thank you very much, but how to do it?

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