How many hours a day do you spend developing games?

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  • The software for recording my activities is called ManicTime. It runs on the background and doesn't take CPU. Is very good for discovering why i didn't do any work this week or last week. Usually is VLC, Youtube (random stuff), facebook (more random stuff, some game related) and random stuff on internet. Need to focus more and less random stuff )

    Thanks, I am going to go download that now and fiddle with it.

  • about 2 hours or so is enough to make a large project a reality with C2's ease of use and if you know what you are doing.

  • Depends some days I am too busy to do anything but other days I can get 2-5 hours in but its interuppted never straight.

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  • Not enough... as it stands I am trying to work on my project while my 2 year old climbs all over me like I'm a piece of playground equipment.


  • I'm not really sure, because some days it's from morning until next morning, some days almost nothing at all, but if I estimated a weekly average maybe 20h per week. Sometimes a bit more if I don't have a lot to do at work. If so, then I usually try to squeeze in some graphics time for my game on my lunchbreak or in between job tasks.

  • This past week has been my first full week of C2 dev. I have a job (unrelated to making games!) so I've been spending about 5 hours a day on the game. Again, not sure quite how much of that time is me waiting for builds to compile, or just research online, but its all good.

    I am hoping that the more work I finish, the more knowledge and reusable components I will have for the next game

  • Sometimes it comes down to: "How much time do you spend procrastinating on developing games?"

    When I have a project I'm excited about working on though, maybe about 15-20 hours a week.

  • I am a non-programmer & I am working in branch of a advertising agency as a graphics designer, and having very small salary

    Now days I am free from any work so loves to do work in C2

    Office has internet connectivity so I do all stuff related to net

    like searching, posting, finding solution, some experiments with C2

    after 8 hours duty

    I have 1 hour part time duty more

    after that rest 1 hour in home and then Start my pc and works in my project

    their is not internet in home So all the data I get from office I revised and do practice on what i have got, I do practice on Sunday too.

    I have started a project from last September and still working on that

    The reason on working in a project from a long time is when i was beginner (Now i have above 5000 reputation, So I am not a beginner) My problem was my English. If I take any tutorial it taken so many hours to understand that what is written and what they have done in the tutorial. So my learning process is slow, is the reason of my slow speed on my project

    Most of the things I get from the forums & tutorial which are the needs of my project. But I don't want to just copy or paste the matter. i was wish to learn it, grab it every little point had take time to be fit in my mind. for example : variables, approx 1 month time consumed (4-5 hours daily, 5 days in week) to understand that what are variable, what they do, and what I can do with that. Now you can guess what pain I am having. countless problems I have got in my project. Most amazing part is, half of them I have solved in my dreams, I was also doing work In my dreams specially solving problems & I got.

    sometime problems that I already solved they comes back with another reasons, that was a big headache to me

    Now I have done my project complete but still having some problems.

    Soon I'll post my test game and link I'll post in forum

  • 3 hours or less

    , if my world is not crazy enough.

    I may continue to my target development in Wednesday (when it was June 1st).

  • I found a hilarious XKCD associated with this idea:

  • I spend most of my spare time on it, or at the very least, something related to it (e.g. learning programming). Probably about 20ish hours a week, if I had to guess.

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