How many hours a day do you spend developing games?

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  • I am just wondering how many hours a day do people spend developing/using Construct 2? I know it it might not be a set number, but wanted to see how much time/effort everybody is putting in and if they are making games that make money!

    I am new to this. I am putting in 3 hours a day (4 days a week). Like I said still new, but making different easy games and using behaviors a lot. I have learned A LOT just in the past few weeks. In reality I would like to double it to 6 hours a day. Get more done, and learn quicker and get better faster.

    Everybody else?

  • packer43064 If I use a tracking software like ManicTime I whould say 3-5 hours/day but in reality I spend 6-8 hours since I get distracted reading emails/updating plugins, waiting for XDK compiler. I realized that spending more than 4-5 hours/day is not productive for me, I get tired and I spend more time trying to stay focused than doing actually work.

  • I usually reserve 2-3 hours after school and work to put in on c2

  • I see. I finished my school 10 years ago, so that wasted part of my life is behind me, now doing what my heart desire

  • packer43064 - If I am not in school or eating or sleeping then I am making games on C2 . About 12 hrs a day every day. But none if I have plans.

  • For the last 7 months, I've been putting in an average of 8 hours everyday (this includes weekends). There were some odd days that I took off because I was overworked. Probably a sign that I need to re-evealuate the work schedule for my projects.

  • its much easy for me to calculate time spend on C2. Sleep 3 to 6 every day and about 1 hour break me time... you do the maths hrs per week on C2. because i am home all day also

  • Lol! This is what a lot of my days look like... debugging other people's insane work. It helps if you can find good open-source libraries.

    I am like you though... finished with that nonsensical school thing and now teaching myself how to do what I love.

    My time spent reading forums/StackOverflow/blogs, I claim is to let my subconscious mind chew on the problems that I have to solve. I like this forum because it feeds my ego/sense of altruism.

    What program is that you are using to record your time spent?

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  • The software for recording my activities is called ManicTime. It runs on the background and doesn't take CPU. Is very good for discovering why i didn't do any work this week or last week. Usually is VLC, Youtube (random stuff), facebook (more random stuff, some game related) and random stuff on internet. Need to focus more and less random stuff )

  • It's generally about 3-8 hours a day with Sundays off for rest. It varies a lot because I watch my kids all day too.

  • C-7 I always wondered: since you have kids and it seems you work from home, do you have a separate room for work, work in the same room with kids, have your earphones on, work only when they are not home? Or you are a zen master that don't care about noise?

  • C-7 I always wondered: since you have kids and it seems you work from home, do you have a separate room for work, work in the same room with kids, have your earphones on, work only when they are not home? Or you are a zen master that don't care about noise?

    It's a careful balancing act of all of those. I do have an office (I teach trumpet lessons out of it as well), but there's still stuff in here the kids can play with. I also have a TV with my old N64 hooked up to it, so my four-year old loves playing that stuff when I let him. I generally don't work when the kids are both up and active--I either do housework or stuff with them. If the younger one takes a nap, the older one can play in the back yard (I leave window open to watch him) or, if he's been good and has done enough other stuff, he can play games for a while. He beat Ocarina on 3DS, so he's enthralled playing it on N64 and pointing out everything he finds different. I can usually get in about two or three hours throughout the main part of the day, though obviously not straight-through nearly ever. I stay up after everybody about 3-5 nights a week to work for another two or three hours. I'm pretty immune from noise unless I'm working on music (which I do with headphones typically anyways).

    So the kids do have a play room (I built them a slide in there too!) as well as their shared bedroom or living room to play in, or they'll bring stuff to the office and play with it. They're perfectly allowed so long as all that stuff doesn't stay in there (it's big, it's supposed to be a second living room for the house). But I can't really get burnt out during the day at least because I'm often doing stuff with them or taking them out for various things or just pushing them on the swings out back for a while. They like watching me do woodworking in my workshop as well.

    So I find as much time as I can between making sure I spend quality time with them and teach them things first. I just also believe it's important for them to have alone playtime every day too so they don't become over-reliant on daddy. I also sleep less than I should, but more than I used to! For reference, they're 4 and 2 years old.

  • Currently I´m not developing games, but working on our startup and the website/configurator.

    It consumes all my freetime I have beside my regular job so I´d say about 3-4 hours every night.

  • Nice to know these new talents!

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