Horror game concept art?

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  • Hi guys, i was wondering what you think of these as enemy characters for a horror game?

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  • If the aim is for a story-tale sort of feel then they fit quite well. If it's meant to be a "realistic" horror setting then the proportions and such may seem a little too cartooney. So far it's like a weird mix of sufficiently creepy parts and realistic shading with these weird proportions that take away a bit.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply much appreciated. I was thinking a 2d pixel based story game so these characters would be flat I did these as a rough example for the mood and looks. I'm not sure what you mean by "realistic" horror game? In most horror games I've seen the enemies are not in proportion, which is the whole scary thing IMO.

    I like the atmosphere and mood of Dead Space, Silent Hill and i would love the challenge of trying to recreate that in 2d.

    Im sure it's been done before but there's not enough 2d SH games

  • By realistic I mean - there are certain proportions in nature, things that we are used that, that sort-of make sense. Obviously a demon or such doesn't have to follow these rules, but if it seems like its head is the heaviest part and it would fall over then it gets a little cartooney. Or if it has short little appendages, etc.

    It's obviously a question of taste, I made a little sketch here - the first guy probably looks more dangerous (although more cliche, have to admit), while the second version appears a little goofy:

    I mean, your art is top notch, but there's a reason we don't see those types of proportions in movies, for example. Then it's up to you what sort of "feel" you want to achieve.

  • Very cool creatures! I do appreciate the absurdity of the proportions and everything. Would very much want to see these in an actual game!

    I mean, your art is top notch, but there's a reason we don't see those types of proportions in movies, for example.

    You're not watching the right kind of movies then!

  • First of all....Really cool and superb art! Absolutely high level stuff!

    When it comes to the horror aspect that really should scare people I agree with Somebody .

    These dudes look a lil like parodies of demons, which is not bad at all of course, but makes them a little yeahh .... cartoony

    Personally I would always prefer "humanized-degenerated" characters, like a lot of the dudes from the "Silent Hill" universe.

    These are frickin scary:D

  • Hi guys much appreciate the replies thanks


    I really dig your drawings but to be honest although the first one is more technically accurate, the second one appeals to me more, the reason is because i have a 2d horror game in mind so i can visualize that character as pixel art but can only see the other one as a 3d model. i totally get what your saying about the proportions now. Big heads sorta funny thing.

    I don't intend to copy these graphics with such detail. These guys will be flat 2d characters

    here's a rough example of what im trying to go for with the game.

  • Well, your character is obviously stylised so then stylised enemies make perfect sense. For that they are will creepy and should work just fine, if nicely animated. Ft

  • I think the artwork is excellent - the images somehow reminded me of some of HR Giger's weird and creepy work he did around the Alien concept in the '70s.

  • Hi guys, i was wondering what you think of these as enemy characters for a horror game?

    You have created a new Pokemon. I shall call him Skingore. The second one is his first form.

    His powers are:

    As its bleeding profusely from the eyes (blood floodwave atk)

    Projectile acid-vomit(melts and stun)

    Fingers are sharpened bone(hepatitis slash attack-does poison dmg)

    scream can bust eardrums and literally vibrate the brain to mush(massive scream atk-aslo stun/lose multiple turns) has chance to force opponent into pokeball.

    The first one is his second form. Has everything from the first, now with added horn attack

    Third is final form. Sort of a bloody version of Charizard. Has all of the above, now adding:

    lethal bite

    Sawing tail whip

    Since wings aint much good for flying, it uses them to pierce the rib-cage and rip its opponents apart.

    Give ya any ideas? Go ahead and use them if you want. (just try not to Pokemon it, ya know, lawsuits and all...)

  • a rough sample of gameplay.

  • I like your drawings because they have their own uniqueness to them. You don't aim for big teeth, glowy eyes or generic zombies and their hundred variations, so you get my props for that. Basically less cool factor = more potential to be scary. The pixel art is maybe a bit too colourful to be actually scary. More realistic propotions on the player character would make it more belivable and make it work better with the monster sprites' looks. Maybe try adding a hint of white noise on the screen and desaturate everything to make everything look bleak and devoid of life. Oh and I like the terrain background in the window. Reminds me of Doom

  • Hasuak

    Thanks for your reply and advice and have took on board what you suggested.

    I've added the noise and a mist effect iv'e also made the backdrops darker and removed saturation, I want to keep the player as he is to add a stylized look to it. It all makes a huge difference to the mood of the game so thanks for your suggestions.

    here is a video link, sorry for the quality is not great and fps is down a little. I also added some music over it to further capture the mood.

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4Efw5 ... sp=sharing

  • Looking great! Given your overall game look the enemy design is perfectly fine. And that Doom-like death animation is awesome.

    You seem to be a making a rather neat project, keep at it!

  • Getting a "The Thing" vibe from the video you showed. I like it.

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