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  • Hello fellows, I'm a beginner with C2, and had no assets/sprites to begin with so I downloaded a free pack on the forum ... these:

    The sprites are gorgeous and all , but whenever I want to add them to TileMap and put 64*64 as dimension , the sprites get messed up , and the reason why , is because some of the sprites are 8*8 and 16*16 and 32*32 etc

    Because of thath I can't really make a level , I can try to add each sprite separately but it will 1.take ages and 2. It's hard to put them right at the same height etc because there is no grid system.

    If you have any tips I really would like to hear/read it from you

    Sorry for my bad English :'(

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  • Well I can't post URL's yet so try this : )com/forum/kenney-s-free-assets-7-600-assets_t93518

    Or just look for Kenney's free assets on this forum

  • Cynicguy Which art pack you use? Have some under this link.

    Try using this tool to make a sprite sheet with all the tiles you need:

    If some tiles have different sizes, you need to insert the size of the smallest tile (here 8x8)

    in the properties, then the bigger tiles get sliced in 4 or so parts, but it's usable.

    If you say me what tiles you want use, i can help more.

  • Thanks for your reply , it's the first one in the list , the Platformer Pack (930 sprites).

    I has 64x64 but also very little sprites (it's the ledge one ) it has a dimension of 5*24 which messes it up somehow :p

    the sprite sheet is located int the Tiles folder.

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