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  • hmm today i need help in which graphics i need to use , or it will be much better than the other ...

    the game idea is : 2D game, drag and drop , will have about(1-3)characters and about 8 enemies , also a boss or gate..

    so what is better ???

    a story or just natural???

    if story can you tell me it.

    if natural i have 3 ideas if you have more tell me maybe ill do it.

    my ideas are:

    1)sea (fishes,sharks,and fish foods..).

    2)space ( planets, rocket, rocks ...).

    3)desert (camel,and i don't know -.- ).

    so if you have an idea for my new game tell me please i would like to hear , the most one i intersted in is sea , if you have idea tell me.!!

    remember this is just sprites i have the game idea!!

  • So... the question's still a little unclear. Are you asking what theme of graphics you could use, or rather what style of graphics?

    Also, I would consider a game either using "story" or "natural" would be part of the game idea itself. What kind of game is it- shoot em up, strategy etc... drag'n drop is a little general.

  • spacewarguy

    hmm i want a the style, should i do a story like angry bird why they are angry because they have been attacked by pigs... like that

    or natural for example a plane flying or a car moving.. or like this!!!

    but i have alot of ideas if it would be a sea game ill show one of my sprites.(if you don't like it tell me what is better or tell me a story)

    <img src="" border="0" />

    also its not strategy game its drag and drop , hmm the game is like platform go to the end of the level ..

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  • Sorry for the horribly late reply... I guess what really matters is what do YOU want the game to be about? I really like the sprite, too- it has a lot of character to it. I suggest perhaps going along with a sea themed game, and then perhaps working on something else of your interest.

    It wouldn't really be your game if somebody else created the concept. Perhaps it may be worthwhile to seek out somebody that would be interested working on the game with you, designing the story and theme and such.

  • spacewarguy thanks for the informations ^^

    and to find someone for designing hard to me while i just doing the games just for fun for now , also i need to learn more about construct2 .

    by the way in these days im thinking to do a newer characters with new story , because i have tried the sea but the game has a gab for example i made (boss = an angry fish) and (player = dead fish) why would a dead fish to go to a boss?? something wierd that why im making a story so everyone going to Imagen it .

    for the same example (boss = an angry fish) and (player = the ghost fish that the boss have eaten it) so the player going to the mouth of the boss to enter his body and try to go out something like this ^^

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