Help: Ads not showing up and Intel XDK

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  • Hi!

    So this has been sort of a nightmare...

    I am trying to get ads working in my game, but when I run the game on a test device nothing shows up.

    I have done the following:

    1. Added Admob object, created account and entered the relevant ad ID's in C2 = OK

    2. On laylout loaded, preload ad, on recieved show etc. = OK

    3. Exported as Cordova, with correct settings (no script misc) = OK

    4. Imported the project into Intel XDK, added the plugin (cordova-plugin-admob-free) = OK

    5. Build: So they have disconinued the cloud build services, meaning I have to export as a zip file. = Should be OK?

    6. Upload the to Phonegap build, and installed app.

    Based on all the documentation I have read nothing should be wrong here, yet no ads are showing in the app as if the code was never implemented, anyone who could help out?

  • On Android or on iOS?

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  • Hi! I made a game and I had the same problem, I investigated and I found that the newest versions of Intel XDK have this problem, what we have to do (I have not solved this problem yet) is install an older version of the program!

    I hope this helps a bit, and sorry for my bad English

  • Android, I got it working!

    So it turns out it was all done correct, but there was a bug in adsense where no ads would show until I had added payment information, but payment information was not possible to add before hitting the payment minimum. Luckily google support team was quick to fix, and ads are now showing!

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