Having an idea but can't make it happen

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  • Hi, I don't know if I'm posting this in right section but let's stay here for now. I have an idea for 2D game but I can't create it by my self. I need help from someone who can create it, programmer, designer... After the game is done, I will put it on Kickstarter and let people donate, also I have good connections in game industry. I just need someone who will help me with this. If you think im fraud, we can meet in real and talk about project.

  • Hi markob123. Have you tried speaking to your "good connections in game industry"?

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  • I need to have something first, then he can help me.

  • meh, no one's gonna make the game for you.

    Learn construct2, it's easy.

  • Yeah, I would go with "go and learn" too, because you can't just say "make my game please".

    Although, if you need some help, you can contact me, I'll be there for game design advices or feedbacks.

    I think I don't know construct2 enough to help you really on it, but you have the "How do I" section if you're wondering how to do a specific thing, people will be pleased to help you.

    PS: be careful with "someone who can creater it, programmer, designer"

    <-- are you talking about artists or game designers when you say "designer"? It looks like you want a designer when you say this, but it feels more like you're looking for artists and programmers when I read your whole post. Am I wrong?

    Good luck, anyway

  • If your idea is as good as you say it is and you really feel it will catch on you should just invest a couple of 1000 bucks, hire a concept artist to make some sketches and a programmer for a demo. Talk to your connection in the industrie about your project and what it would cost to make. And put it on kickstarter. Then when you have the funds you can just hire people to make your game

    People (unless they are your friends) will not work for free. Especially on somthing as time consuming as a game. Not even when you ask nicely

  • Get and learn Construct 2 (you are in the right place!) and then do a simple prototype to check the feasibility of your idea. Show it around to get feedback and you will be able to understand if it is worth the effort of developing it further.

    Good luck!

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