What do you hate the most?

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  • Level designs!! For me, I won't say hate, but it gets realllllyyyy tiresome after a few dozens.

    First few levels....hehe this is so much fun

    about the 10th level.....I am going to test and challange the players mind!

    About the 20th level.......err...I'll just copy a few designs from the earlier and combine with some new.

    After the 30th level.......For Each (Level): copy, paste, mix

    Have you considered including less levels in your game, and just making each of those levels more packed with new ideas and perhaps more difficult so it takes the player equally as long to finish the game?

    I'm not sure how long a player would be kept interested with copy paste level design.

    I personally hate promotion the most. So much so that when I've developed a game I can't be bothered spreading it around and trying to get maximum exposure, I just start right away on making the next game instead.

    EDIT: just thought of another one: cleaning up code/logic that you created in a hurry just because you were so determined to get it work, that you didn't care HOW you got it to work! Ugh

  • BlueSkies, that depends on the size of the level and how much you copy. Smaller levels like angry birds make it very obvious if you copy a lot, larger games, if mixed up well, it will be less noticeable. My game is a smaller level type so I need lots of levels. Haha and I think almost everyone will copy and paste to some extent. I am not referring to the entire level design, just a few elements, than work from there. It is like a starting point, since starting from scratch for over 50 levels.....is realllllyyy brain draining. When you have a starting point, somehow things start to flow easier I feel.

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  • As mentioned, BUGS! Especially when you're "in the zone" and some stupid twathead of a bug presents itself. Then your creativity is drained away every half hour spent trying to find it. Then you find it's the most idiotic thing ever. Like you left in some debug code that changes a variable every tick yet you're left wondering wtf that variable that you're setting elsewhere isn't working the way it should! Thank god for debug mode though or I'd have spent 5 times as long finding them..

    Menus yeah, they can be boring to implement, but depends what you're doing with them. You can make them like any other part of the game and animate them, flashy effects and so on. They're probably boring to do because you're making them boring ;p You're being creative with the rest of the game... why not with the menus too?

    I think for me though, it's feature creep. No matter how hard I resist or do small docs with my ideas.. it always seems to make my dev time much longer. Even if I've set in stone what the game is going to have and what it's not, I'll always think of new ideas that I just HAVE to put in.. ;p

    EDIT> How could I forget this..... I f*cking HATE all the different device hardware, screen sizes / resolutions.. then there's browser quirks... If I had one wish, I'd wish for 3 more, and use one of those to wish that every damn device and browser worked the same way!

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