What do you hate the most?

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  • Creatiing the music and sounds for the game.

  • Grinding.

    Pointless games like the Facebook games such as FarmVille etc where you basically want everything, but aren't able to complete in time without having to pay..

    Long moments breakscreens.... Going from one point to another in a large world and back for a mall thing....

  • Programming

  • Obsessively fine tuning up to a degree your just wasting time and moving events about.

    I catch myself doing this a lot -,-

  • I don't like making IAPs to hammer the free2play model to make money.

    I like old school, make a game, sell it.

    However, with times I am forced to start using free2play and I hate to fit in IAPs in there; most of the time it fscks with the design of the game.

  • Not having enough hours in the day.

  • Arrays arrays arrays

  • Hi guys, I hate when I´m finishing and then a new idea comes to me. And I think that game will be really a great game with this idea. and then I can´t finish my games because can´t stop add changes to the project. My games, begin being small but, finish being so big because I can´t stop add changes. Nothing worse that a "cyclotimic game designer" jajaj

  • Probably testing and level design for me.

    To make sure I have no bugs, I test test test. This means playing the game over and over, and eventually getting really good at the game. I then struggle to make balanced levels because I feel they're too easy, so make them harder. I then introduce a friend to the game, and they struggle like crazy. They pass the controls over to me, and I do it first time.

    I'm approaching 50 levels on my current game, with another 50 to go. Really starting to struggle to make anything I consider fun. I wish I had another person to work with.

  • I hate it when I model, texture, rig, shade etc. my character ready for renders but then I'm suddenly unsatisfied with the result and want to start changing things. This keeps on repeating until I'm bored of the idea and scrap it completely.

  • Hasuak

    I suffer from the same problem. But as time goes on i have learned to prototype rigs early with quick skinning to make sure everything works as intended.

    Too many of times was i forced to redo rigs, skinning etc.

    But yes... my biggest hate. Spending hours on something then finding out i made a mistake early in the project that will cost me to redo everything

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  • On top of that, making a tutorial -at least in my case- had many situations where tutorial code conflicted with previous code. I have to manually place objects, enable/disable controls etc, which makes me write messy events.

    I have had the same problem as Windwalker described.

  • I hate Marketing & promoting!

  • I hate:

    Slow internet connections - Because I need a fast connection to give my games to the world

    App stores with paid developer registration - I doesn't have PayPal or credit cards

    Engine bugs - Give me failure to make my games

  • Submitting to the iTunes store!! I hate going through all of apples hoops just to submit an app. It is even worse when I then get told a week later that it looks a little bit squished or something on a 1st or 2nd gen iThing so they won't accept it...

    I also HATE slow internet or a very low monthly quota. I currently have Telstra cable and can enjoy up to 500GB of 100 megabits/s (that's right, 100) here in Brisbane. It is usually about 40-50 during the day and 110 late at night. My dad whom I regularly visit, can't even get ADSL. So I have to put up with a 4G WiFi dongle which is faster than ADSL but only has 40 GB/month.

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