What do you guys listening while making games ?

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  • Let's share some playlists to listen while making games

    There is lots of good mixes in 8tracks. Here is one of my favorites and longest one ( 5 hour )


    Here is another one http://8tracks.com/indiekids/suits-liquor-new-york-city

    If you like indie songs, those mixes contain lots of them.

  • The Frozen Synapse soundtrack is pretty lovely to code to.

  • I downloaded the entire Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 soundtrack with beta versions of the music. Puts me in a creative mood.

  • Nothing - I used to listen to music whilst writing/coding etc. But I am more productive listing to the keyboard buttons. Songs bring in memories, and memories lead to reminiscing, and reminiscing leads to the dark side of time

  • DUTOIT A few years back in grad school I found some research that shows programmers pick up on more details of their work when not listening to music. They did some tests where they made two groups (music , no music) code up some specifications. In the end, both groups' code was functional just as asked. But the no music group caught some easter eggs the researchers put in like adding 2 to a variable very early on in the instructions and then subtracting 2 from the same variable at the end. The no music group left out these pointless instructions and other similar gotchas.

    So in short, if you need to be more analytic and with much attention to detail, forgo the music. And if you need some creative inspiration forgo the details and let the music do the talking.

  • I like listening to Nectarine and Scenesat demoscene radios. Demoscene and tracker music scratches a certain itch of mine, but also I myself compose using trackers, so listening to these radios give me musical inspiration.

    Your post is very interesting though MrGoatsnake. I think if I'm facing a problem that I can't seem to solve then I'll try it without the music.

  • I go to soundempire.com, load up a looping track, and if I can listen to one enough times repeatedly, it means I should consider it for inclusion as part of the game's soundtrack.

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  • I generally have spotify on - current listening to DZ Deathrays and rock/punk outfit from Queensland

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  • no music.. it takes to much focus..I have Netflix going on my iPad or iPhone and put a really bad movie on... or reruns of The Office.

  • You give movies less attention than music ? Who are you? Beethoven:-P

    Mostly I like to hear my game during test plays and somertimes I listen to some classics of punkrock like NOFX offspring misfits etc

  • Silence. I listen to silence. Sometimes the neighbors dog that barks non stop... but that's nothing a bucket of water over the wall does not fix.

  • bad movies... or movies you've seen a bunch of times..

    it's cool to have something on in the background that you don't care about.. but is entertaining enough that you can tune into it when you are doing something tedious... it has to be the right thing though..

  • Usually Bastion OST or Transistor OST. Beyond that, anything down tempo like Trifonic or even Explosions In The Sky.

  • Shaggy

  • The Frozen Synapse soundtrack is pretty lovely to code to.

    Oh yeah, that is a great soundtrack, most definitely.

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