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  • Most players are looking for stunning graphics to be attracted, and you all know my graphics are not that great but better than before, at least I know the basics & Shadings! so anyway to get better in graphic design? I'm willing to learn since it is necessary & critical for Game Development.

    Any ideas are welcomed! Thanks in advance

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  • To be honest, everybody can produce pretty graphics, what differs is the time spent on it. A talent in doing graphic, or you can call it the ability to materialize imagination with exceptional motor muscle control will surely help the "talented person to produce something great in short amount of time.

    I had a friend who's not at all have the talent as an artist, but he's passionate, so his instructor told him to spent time to replicate a sketch, which he stroke the lines and erase lines repeatedly until he gained a muscle memory and and muscle control. He finally manage to reproduce the sketch like after 20 days, and I can produce the same sketch in just under 2 hour. So talented or not, it depends on training and the time spent, one day anybody will pickup their rock bottom speed of stroking lines and making the "correct" strokes, which means the ability to make arts are acquired.

    That friend of mine nowadays, can draw something at similar speed or maybe a bit faster than I am now, given we're sketching the same thing. So, in this world, two types of artist exist, the "talented on" and "the trained" one.

    Naji this means you have to be the "trained one". Get a pencil and papers, practice, and after that you can start using pen once you have consistent strokes and good control. No software in the world will help you to acquire that skill, mostly it'll come from effort on doing it real. Cheers!

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  • Naji

    The best tip i can give a beginner is to keep it simple. Have a look at flat design things for example. They are really up to date at the moment and with a little understanding you can make really beautiful things.

    Have a Look at Dots-Game -> ... iPhone.jpg

    It´s based on super simple shapes but it´s looking absolutely polished. Drawing different things like chicken or humans or whatever can be pretty hard in the beginning, try to scale details down to a level that it looks charming.

    Also try to get a better feel for colors. Looking at your stuff, it looks kind of "base-palette-styled". Don´t use to saturated ones, try to keep it in the same mood.

    Adobe Kuler offers a very handy tool to find some color-system to go with on your game design. You will see that these colors really fit together.... ... 000003.jpg

    Hope it helps. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Greets from Beaverland!

  • Naji


    Kuler is also accessible via web browser rather than app, so I included a link you can use instead of looking at that screenshot, .

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