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  • I have a case study game/app in mind. I want a camera + gps location (sort of a pokemon go) but this app is more like a drop pin and mark the map scenario. (real life streets, more like it locates your location and mark it.)

    then your phone camera can be used to take snaps or put your own pics on that marker..

    Another case study is use the real life locating system but the display can be a fantasy map/fictional.

    I'm just wondering if there's a plugin about this in C2 or if you can tinker on it backend.

    I'm a newbie btw and i haven't fully grasped the full potential of c2 but i guess participating here in forums would help. What i can observe, there is not much an app by c2 that relies on locations or there aren't tutorials around? or i'm just not searching enough?

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