Google Games Service - Auto sign in or A button? Pros/Cons?

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  • So for a game, should I set On start of (home) layer --> request sign in?

    Or should I just have a button for the user to sign in?

    Auto sign in

    Pros: User easily sign in once and can use all the game's features such as achievements and leaderboard.

    Cons: For the users that don't want to sign in, then the sign in pop up would be very annoying everytime they start the game.

    A sign in button

    Pros: Not annoying for the users who don't want to sign in.

    Cons: Some users may not pay attention to the button and don't realize that the game has more fun features.

    So what are your thoughts on this? If you have an android game, did you use Google game services? And how do you implement it?

  • I used it only when the user wants to see the leaderboard, i.e when he touches the leaderboard button he will be prompted to sign in ! This way those are interested in leaderboard are signed in !

    You can check out my game here :3


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  • Hehe... Thank you. I'll check your game out too

    Now I have a problem with signing out. Some how the 'request logout' doesn't seem to work for me. Have you tried it?

  • Thanks !

    i haven't tried it yet, i will let you know asap

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