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  • Hello to anyone who comes across this forum! I've been thinking of what game to make and I think I've came up with an answer. I open this forum to ask everyone who reads this their opinions of what they think of the game and come up with suggestions on places that seem to be improved. Without further talk, my idea is:

    A 2D roguelike RPG where you are a vampire that has crashed into modern-day Earth from a meteor and you have to find out why you where sent here. -- Short Version

    You are a hybrid. You look like a human but you are a blooded vampire. You don't burn in sunlight but you can still use corpses to feed and regain your health (Feeding is the only way to regain it). You also possess an ability to manipulate your limbs into objects, but it's very limited, one of these things you can manipulate them into is your sword (I'm open to any magical abilities you can do as well as anything else the player has).

    Being sent from somewhere in the universe you crash into Earth. The player knew he/she is sent here for a reason, a reason that creates chaos and mass confusion, all to the player's fault ACCIDENTALLY (I'm also all ears on anyone making a story around this, but remember those words "creating chaos and mass confusion accidentally".). Due to the crash, government attention is raised, and you're landing has to come out with bloodshed, in you're own defense. Finish if you want to!

    Ask me something or help a mate out who wants to make fun for everyone else!

    I will try to reply to everyone as soon as I see the notification hit '1'

  • i'd like to play a vampire who was burried a loooooong time and was found on a cemetery today


    i'd like to play a cute alien hit planet earth on his trip (the reason he forgot/lost)

  • The story is nice, but I think it will depend on the gameplay mechanics (how he hunts, and hides from the govenrment). This looks like a complex game though.

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  • I agree with rekjl. The story seems decent but you won't go far without a solid gameplay, and you didn't say much about it. I think your idea is too vague; it's more a plot idea than a game design concept.

  • Sorry for my late reply. I can agree with rekjl that the actual game itself is vague, what does everyone think the gameplay should be like?

    And mercuryus, your first suggestion could happen with the plot entirely planned out, as well as gameplay.

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