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  • hi everyone,

       does anybody have any good ideas for a game, if so please post it here. (only post if it is free for taking)

    thank you

  • If you're looking for something simple, you could take inspiration from some old Atari 2600 games

  • Go nuts on the many flash gaming portals (newgrounds etc). Look at already existing concepts, analyze them, and see if there's something you would have done differently!

    Add your own story, tweak mechanics, add mechanics. There's an endless amount of game ideas to get :)

  • I would like to give you some ideas. Can you specify game genre and also which platform it will be played on?

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  • If you're looking for something simple, you could take inspiration from some old Atari 2600 games

    thanks, i got some inspiration OddConfection

  • genre - minigames, not too long (think fruit ninja)

    platform - web, (later version maybe for phones)



  • I honestly thing coming up with an idea that works is most of the challenge with a minigame. It's easy to make a minigame, but making an addictive hit like Fruit Ninja is very tricky.

  • Create a cow trowing bunnies at zombies... ;))

  • We like Sci-fi games (Hence the name, this is a profile to draw attention to our company) It's pretty easy to make a space ship and give it car movement. From there you can make it a fighting space ship game or a space ship racing game.

  • Mini games? hmm, maybe some of these mini-ideas <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> No idea if these are already done before but here's a few games which focus on simple gameplay (not like WarioWare micro minigames, but rather games without huge AAA plots and dialogues):

    -Small sim game, like a pet or plant life, kind of a zen/peaceful feel

    -Folk exploration game, randomly generated towns/villages where you need to do small tasks for people in a village. Each time you complete a village it's stored to a canvas image and added to a square of a "map" made up of every village they helped in that session (so make villages start easy to progress through). Should leave the player feeling happier at the end of the game.

    -BrainBrawn, solve algebra and logic puzzles in a turn-based fighting game (multiplayer? Fastest answer hits first, easier questions for defense moves?)

    -Trader, a game set where you deliver items through time. Initially trading by foot then wagon, car, plane, shuttle, spaceship where the scope of the game expands to about the size of a galaxy

    -Helper, a platformer game which initially has you making levels harder for an AI to beat until they can't beat any of them, secret twist where you're in the future and making a challenge for yourself. Player beats all the levels in reverse at start to make them difficult, then they must beat the level themselves going forward in time to become the next "helper". Kind of an idea of "self improvement"

    Ill stop before I get too crazy with ideas I guess, the names are just to give some image to the mock ideas, but hopefully these at least give some ideas to people <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    There. :P

  • inkBot thanks, now I finally got the inspiration to make the games I've always wanted but couldn't quite think of:

    • Kamikaze Amish Gang
    • Asian Booty Farmer
    • Sensual Wheelchair Domination

    In all seriousness, it is pretty useful when you really have no idea what you want to make.

  • i also got inspiration from that thank

    magic katana ultimate

  • anyone have more ideas


    srry if i appear spammy

  • I find that a simple RPG like FF1 or something similar to the RPG maker group is a good way to test your skills and have a bit of fun.

    You can practice Dialog, Math/Battle Systems, Maze/Quiz Puzzles, and a good amount of small mini game type events.

    Most of them are easy, you can write simple RPGs by hand in a few languages once you get the movement interface down, mostly just need to know variables, if/than, switches, and timing.

    Good luck!

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