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  • Hello everybody,

    Any one planning to attend Global Game Jam? If there are people who attended before, could you share your experiences with us please?

    I will participate this year so it will be nice to hear your stories for me and others if there are!

  • Mh, I haven't participated to a local event myself, but I've heard mixed thoughts about it: as you generally find team members on the fly, you don't really know where it's going. It's a great opportunity to meet people though!

  • Actually i don't think there will be huge number of attendance. In my country game making is not something people into it much. On the other hand it's better than nothing right?

    I know you don't need to find a team or members to your own but i will be nice if i can find some people who can use C2. Perhaps it will be a nice opportunity to show some minor aspects of software to people and may be they will try to make a platformer which is really easy with latest C2.

    I feel a bit excited (:

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  • Yeah, C2 is the Holy grail of 2d game prototyping anyway.

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