Getting back into the flow of game development

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  • So, I've been out of the loop and haven't done any work for my project in a couple months so what are your suggestions to get back into a flow for doing game development work? Aside from just buckling down and "doing it".

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  • Aside from just "buckling down" there isn't much else you can do.

    But whenever I've stepped away from a project for too long, I always start looking through the design doc I made previously. Then, starting with a clean sheet of paper, I re-envision the better part of the game with new ideas. After that I compare the two and combine them (removing any ideas I don't really like.)

    Although this hasn't helped me with finishing my games (too many revisions!) it definitely reinvigorates my enthusiasm. It's like coming back to a new project every time, which is kinda exciting.

    Yeah, after thinking about it. That might not be the most helpful advice. :P

  • Heres a late reply, but a reply nonetheless.

    Ask yourself why you are creating in the first place. If you love games and are doing this as a hobby then focus more on smaller projects - that way you wont be forced to run the hard yards.

    If you want to make a living then you have to remind yourself (constantly for me) that making games is a job. And sometimes you hate your job - but if you want to do what you love you need to push through. Much the same as you would having to get up early to go to work (because if you dont do this - you will be forced to get up early and go to work).

    This is a message to myself and to you :)

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