Gamesalad vs construct 2

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  • which is easier for making html5 RPG games gamesalad or C2??

  • you are asking this in a Construct 2 forum so its obvious that the answer will be C2. Personally, I tried both and C2 is by far better, but that's my personal opinion.

  • Yeah.

    The easiest by far would be Rpg Maker, but that would be for a basic design with little customisation beyond the template mechanics.

  • I've never used game salad but I did look at it when I was trying to decide what game maker engine to use. From all the research I've done, the only game maker engines really worth using seem to be Game Maker Studio, Multimedia Fusion 2.5 and Construct 2. And it seems to be in that order too. MM2.5 and Construct 2 are distant second and third after the popular Game Maker Studio

    I'm not sure what's easier to use between GS and Construct. I imagine, any program you pick, your still going to spend weeks, months to years learning the ups and downs and in and outs of the program and basic logic.

    You should probably ask this question on Reddit or tig source for more in depth responses

  • ok thankyou all for your replies but i will continue to sticking to C2

  • I agree to Zero that everyone will go for Construct 2 I think Game salad is made for kids to learn basics of programming language also it is used by many teachers which is helpful you can use it for small projects its good but if you are planning for serious developing the game from start to finish then I would recommend Construct 2

    P.S. Have a nice day

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  • They're each sensible tools. There are different "drag and drop" alternatives ". you must measure all of them and select the one that suits your requirements the best.

  • Ok this should make it clear that construct2 is much better than gamesalad. Go to thier showcase section and download 4 random games for android. Now go ahead and download my game , in my signature. Try out all the games and I bet none of gamesalads games have as much onscreen action going compared to my game. Now realize thats thier best games compare to my regular game.

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