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  • Hi

    I know nothing about game design. I am trying to make a simple, simple, one or two layout game. The goal is to use this game to train employees in a food manufacturing facility to fill out forms correctly. The issue is that sometimes they scribble over mistakes or forget to complete it, but these are legal documents, so corrections must be handled with a single line and initialed, no scribbles / white out.

    I have made some other mini games for them, which naturally fall into type of game (entering the factory is top down with basic object interactions, we have one called "batching" which is basically choosing correct ingredients like mid 2000s clicky restaurant games (imagine an ugly, ugly diner dash), and one for allergens that flashes the product and then you choose the allergen (match 3 game ).

    I'm having...difficulty in making the "game" part - I can make a form on screen that makes an Operation style buzz when you enter something incorrectly, but that sounds about as fun as filling out the form itself. Can anyone give me examples of games which encourage people to fill out forms (all I can think of is Papers Please which has a whole economic side to it, and that terrible NES game about begin a teenage stock broker), or genres of games where there is some level of typing? Even a link to a list of flash/casual/mini game genres would make this easier for me.

  • I don't know any games like that but, here's a solution to code the scenario:

    Create a Global variables and set their propertied to text. For example"

    Global Answer Text Answer_1 = "Your Answer 1 Here"

    and another to declare what number question is being asked

    Global Question Number = "1"

    Then create a multiple condition

    Some Button > On Clicked

    Global Question Number = "1"

    TextBox = "Your Answer 1 Here" > Then do something

    Else > Do something else

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  • Hi!

    Thank you for answering me - I'm thinking about it a lot and I really have no clue what I'm doing at all. No clue.

    Thank you, that will help a lot. I wasn't even thinking of typing / having them enter text other than name. But you made realize something of vital importance to my players. A lot of our employees do not speak English (mostly Lao) , and almost all are terrified of computers and typing. I want to eliminate as much reading / typing as I can

    I guess that means I would have to give them choices instead of typing, which leads me straight to "quiz game", the lamest and worst training, that is actually just a quiz, and not a game. Then I thought "Shooter! What if they just have to shoot words" because I don't have a shooter yet, but then I realized that would take a lot of reading.

    So I was thinking "Launch game" ... because it makes sense for training for the metal detector. But the procedure they're doing doesn't matter. The problem is they aren't completing the paperwork.

    In real life, if they don't complete their paperwork, they have to do the job again, which is very costly and time consuming for business. I figured, hey, what if it's just some really long, super hard video game, with a little "log" button in the corner with the form, and if you don't fill it out, it won't save. But that's a sucky idea, because they would still get the satisfaction of the game, but not learn anything, and I would have to make a really long, hard game, which I can't do. Maybe one of those cell grower games

    (the game where you start with 5 guys in 1 little bubble, and the other guy has 5 guys in a little bubble on a corner in the screen, and there's a bunch of grey bubbles in the middle that are bigger, and you click and drag guys to the grey ones and take them over and they make more guys too - what is that kind of game called? )

    My abilities are basically limited to : "Things that have Construct Tutorials" . My artistic skills include stealing images from the internet. I have started a few games I wanted to make recently that got TOO AMBITIOUS, so I have to accept I need to stick with really, really simple stuff here. My games basically look like Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It all.

    tl:dr - What's that cell grower game genre called?

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