GAMEE Construct Game Jam Vol. 2

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  • Well like I said before I was thinking of doing a scoreboard using the GAMEE.gameeSocialData, but if the "highscore" isn't for my game, then it doesn't work for my game.

  • newt hey there, can you join this slack ? so we will can help you

  • Looks like an invite is required.

    I've gone another route anyway, so it's no big deal.

  • Just to clarify what my colleague has written - the high score you get is indeed for your game, so for the sake of your approach, in-game leaderboard, this would work. I hope it helps!

  • Thanks for the clarification. I kind of figured it was just misunderstood.

    I have another question.

    Is there a maximum number of friends a player can have?

  • Nope, but the platform returns 15 maximum, if you have more, it returns 15 friends that have the closest scores to you (better score than you)

  • Ok, that solves that.


  • Hi GameeApp There's any Construct 2 (.capx) example for connection with the last version (2.3) of the plugin? I'm trying to adapt the .c3p ghost example but when ghost mode or replay mode are activated in the emulator, the game doesn't do anything.

    It's like the Trigger condition, >IS GHOST MODE doesn't work.

    EDIT: Sorry, I found that I doesn't activated the Capabilities on the Properties panel. Plugin works well.

    Even so a capx example will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • I seem to run into an issue where the game runs off to the left of the main window. Its the second time its done it and I can't figure out why.

    My layout and viewport size is 480 x 854


  • Never mind, it appears to be an issue with Safari on the Mac, under Chrome it ran just fine.

    I left the post in case others run into the same issue.

  • Hey GameeApp

    Sorry but I am really confused with your plugin.Sorry but it is really complicated

    I want only few things from the plugin

    1.) On the start of game,load player data(like score,level-number etc) from gamee and then copy that data to a variable

    2.)Then,ONLY when data is completely loaded,begin the game forward(eg:- when level number is loaded,Game will begin from that level.Otherwise wait for the player data to be downloaded.Otherwise how will the game know that from where the player has to begin)

    3.)After playing the game ,at the end update the score(or anything ) at gamee server(or something like that)

    Thats all.Also i also did not got the meaning of following:-

    i understood conditions,actions and expressions also but i did not got the data in the pic and how to deal with it

    Please somebody help me !!!

  • Thanks newt for the reply :)

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  • Thanks for the reply but I use construct 3

  • Hi GameeApp

    I was trying to learn how to use the plugin and i have currently encountered an obstacle

    I am talking about construct 3

    When i approach "Request player save state" ,a window opens asking for the unique id of the player you want to get the save state

    What is userId ???

    Basically what i am trying to achieve (I may be wrong but please correct me):-

    :-for saving the data of the player,I will use "game save ".Inside it,I will store the data to the gamee server in form of json format

    :-then using "request player save state" , i will download the player data back (eg to figure out no. of coins collected ,on which level is the player etc).Here i am struct (If my way is wrong then please guide me)

    Others are also welcome to help me !!!

    Thanks in advance

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