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  • Hey guys, wanted to share with you my latest works, of the new engine im building, for a time management/gamedev story like game. you can find the initial state of the game engine bellow, its a raw shape so dont be to harsh on it, there a few little bugs, but not big ones, however im pretty satisfied with the progress in the current state, since i made it in like 10 minutes thanks to Construct2.

    see Demo(link soon give me 10 minutes) edit - might take a bit longer since i decided to add some extra features, so you can see the potential of the game!

    edit-2 ok link is available for play on scirra arcade, il get cracking at the rest of the game! if you guys have any feedback or requests for scirra store please post bellow this post.

    I want also to ask, or propose, a team request here, for graphic artists, those who want to join, when the game will be finished, i intend to publish it and submit it to the game jam 2015 that still accepts game submissions till July 15 that was brought to my attention by Festival Stras topic, there for you see why is important to have some sort of graphics to it, so its looking more professional then what i currently have.

    Thanks to Mr. DarrenCurtis the soundtrack is covered you can see his amazing work here.

    Thanks for reading this!

    And hopefully someone is interested in joining the project! i intend to finish it in the next 2 days, at the rate im coding it, its going to be fast done, the only issue will be the graphics assets, which i dont know if you guys have already built something similar to this already or not, (presumably that you want to join the project), and if we could use it without paying other costs to it! any old dusty graphics can work, as long matches the rough simetrics, meaning bigger graphics and not 8 bit graphics that has like 6x6 tiles.

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