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  • I just finished "Game Corp DX" and realized no one has really made a GameDev sim the way it should be. Here are my notes, and I hope it starts a conversation--

    LOL, stopped me wanting to go on Heists and shoot people in GTAV and back on thinking about game development. Ironically, there goes 6 hours I could have been doing developing a game. In short, it's a great game but it lacks the conflicts of development as seen in serious shows like Codemonkeys.

    This game reflects a “current trend” or a “historical prospective” of indie devs becoming AAA, and a happy story at that. In 6 hours or I think 7 years in game time, I won every award, had more than $900,000,000, and went from making crappy games to games of various scales and deadlines. The real life strategies of looking at markets, hiring and training new talent, and schedule a variety of games to pay monthly expenses helped me consider a real life business plan.

    However, I had no shareholders to deal with, no taxes or laws to cope with. "Zynga" being an example, it would be interesting to have to deal with outside pressure to make the company public, this causing tension between myself and the people I've employed who do not want me to sell out. The people themselves, should like to work with others and not like others for different reasons. It would have been nice to deal with "sexism" and "race" where play testers would give me tough moral dilemmas such as "bigger boobs" and "can we have less black and gay people in the game". The cause and effect would be, if I go with AAA standards, I would make more money, but would get more flack from certain groups. Also, what about distribution, is it online, or will have to deal with stores like Target or Walmart? Rating systems could also be in place and getting banned from countries which could effect press and sales over all like Rockstar?

    Imagine, EA is going to try and buy you out and you have to stop them from being a boss-- get it, a "boss battle".

    Gameplay Notes to Dev--

    Please add a back "button" in menus, and sadly the loss of skills due to specialization doesn't seem to make sense.

    Also, it would be nice to have some conflicts as mentioned before (*Cough, expansion pack).

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  • It would have to be in the "super realistic" genre. It would most likely be listed and sold alongside the very realistic driving and flight sims. To most people, adding too much realism sort of kills the escapism magic of games, which is probably why games don't do it often. Too much real world detail, and some age groups start seeing it as "educational", or boring. Although not saying its a bad thing, it would just change up your marketing strategy.

    I can see the back of the box now....

    "Review laws and build your new business getting around them and competing with larger and more experienced companies with a giant legal team who will take you to court over the simplest of things. Pay taxes on time and learn the best strategies for reducing your tax payment while increasing your company's income. Deal with share holders, lawyers and the general public who complain over anything and everything. Your reading and decision making skills drive the success of your company." "Up to 5 years of real time gameplay as you learn new laws and social issues to abide by and or overcome. The ultimate in grinding gameplay for those who love to read and decide on every single tiny factor of a business.... Without sacrificing everything in reality!"

    One review: "You'll forget you're even playing a game dev style game!"

    Still, there just might be a market for it somewhere. I personally will be trying out the "online business dev" style. Basing it off of my personal buy/selling experience with Ebay and Amazon.

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