How to make a Game that Kids Will like (Lil League: B Ball)

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  • HI guys,

    I'm really stuck on how to make this game more appealing to smaller kids (Say age 5)

    At the moment i have 3 different Plays of the game

    1) Attack mode: You have possession of the ball and this mini game works like a runner-type,

    You need to dodge the defending Players to get down the shooting side of the court (3 Lanes)

    2) Defense mode: Basically the opposite except you have to block all the oncoming players

    3) Shoot mode: Once you get down your shooting side you need to tap the target when it is on the net and it moves

    at random over the screen

    These concepts are quite simple but i imagine will get boring pretty quickly,

    Game after Game,

    Anyone have any ideas to mix it up a little bit?


    Any feedback appreciated,



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  • Is there any link to test the game, to give you my opinion.

  • Hi there,

    It is not created it as of yet,

    Just getting a feel for the mechanics,


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