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  • Hey guys, I've been wanting to make more games using construct 2 but am having trouble coming up with original game ideas...If you don't mind, could you post one? Thanks!

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  • Hey guys, I've been wanting to make more games using construct 2 but am having trouble coming up with original game ideas...If you don't mind, could you post one? Thanks!

    Personnally I like to think about something like:

    -What do you like (not in games)? >IceCream

    -Which genre are you targeting? >Platformer

    -What can make what you like disseapear? >Sister ( ;_; ); heat; dogs; etc..

    -How could that goes into a game? >Icecream cones trying to escape from the frezzer to the north pôle while avoiding people and animals, and staying cool enough on the way

    You can of course think about other questions to be more particular.

    PS: of course you can use the icecream cones idea if you want

  • Sure watch TV and use your imagination try walking Dead


    Infinite game ideas, enjoy!

  • One idea I like a lot is taking two somewhat random genres and mash them together, to see if it works. Match-3 and roleplaying? Puzzle Quest and Scurvy Scallywag. Match-3 and platforming? Henry Hathsworth. Zelda and Minecraft? Windborne. Sometimes, even the weirdest combinations make excellent "new" games.

    Though if you've had a Commodore 64 back in those days, you might remember a game called H.E.R.O. It's basically one guy in a jetpack flying through 2D caves, avoiding bats, blowing up doors and so on. It was freakin' awesome, and I'd really love to see a new take on that stuff. The concept is simple: Fly around in a 2D cave (looking from the side, not top-down), avoid crashing into anything, land only in safe areas, have limited fuel (refilled at said safe places) and stuff like that. Simple, yet brilliant. Or simply brilliant.

    Or remake Giana Sisters. That works too. Anything to get rid of the abomination Twisted Dreams.

  • Game design is about experiences.

    What kind of experiences do you want your player to have. laugh, cry, engrossed, mentally stimulated.

    How do you want to convey the feeling with freedom, restriction, pressure.

    How do you want to present the game. Fantasy, future, abstract weird.

    idea's are easy. You can even take real life jobs. Here's an example from a prior job I used to do. Security

    What does security do. They prevent theft or harm to clients.

    How do they do security. They walk around the work environment checking doors and monitor for danger.

    What experience do I want to do. I want to mentally stimulate the player

    How am I going to convey it with restrictions.

    How am I going to present the game..... futureistic.

    So here is the thought.

    A level represents a Floor or Layout of a building structure. There are hallways and rooms.

    You get X amount of floating patrol droids in a level.

    You can mark a path for the droids. Droids will look into each door delaying them from gliding through the hall.

    At exact periods of time a crime will occur at the same spot and time each play through.

    The player must plan a plot through the hallways that will let the droid/s encounter each crime.

    The more crimes prevents the higher the ranking the player recieves.


    Infinite game ideas, enjoy!

    I got "It's a Mad, Mad Bandicoot of the Third Reich".


    Infinite game ideas, enjoy!

    got "Kinky Spatula Gang".

    This site begs for a contest...

  • I tried that generator, and ended up with...

    Geriatric Midget Interceptor

    Demonic Banjo Spides

    French Turtle Derby (picture Destruction Derby, only slower) :p

    No One Can Stop The Hillbilly In Magic Kingdom

    And my favorite...

    Inappropriate Lego Brothers (so wrong on so many levels...)

  • ... n_Idea.php

    tl:dr version "Want to come up with more ideas? Start making something."

  • lol I got Morbid Mushroom Football..

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