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  • Hello Everyone!

    I have been looking into isometric stuff after playing around in MagicaVoxel a few days ago. I feel the most important thing with starting projects is getting the foundation right. (Movement etc that can be easily changed/modified)

    Does anyone have any ideas or simple techniques/systems that can be used for something similar to the prototype image? (Movement / Transitions)

    <<- MagicaVoxel Image

    <<- Quick prototype

    <<- Movement (using collision obj's around player)

    <<- Adding an enemy/attack

    It would be interesting to hear what other people have done or seen in other games that could come in handy,


  • It depends on your target export, desktop, or mobile, or both.

    Then there will be variations of movement types for those as well.

    Small tile based movement would imply either keyboard, or onscreen controls.

  • I'm using

    I can move the player with keyboard and with touch.

    (This is my prototype: Finding Iaia)

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  • el3um4s The rotation is really cool, great job!

    Maybe I need to look at the board plugin a bit more.

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