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  • I cant come up with any new game ideas. How do you usually come up with ideas?

  • everyone have ideas with different things or doing different activities.

  • The best ideas are just the ones you come up with yourself, but if you really are struggling there are some good game idea generators that you can use for inspiration. One of my favourites would be this one.

  • Derme302, weird that, I only found that the other day. Kinda useless.. I mean, one idea was to race kitchen utensils ;p but keep clicking on it for new ideas can probably generate different things in your head, so it can be useful for that. I don't think I got any ideas from that that anyone could follow seriously ;p

    Codeman320, ideas come from many places. Movies, books, music, artworks, life in general.. and of course other games. Ideas can just pop into your head without you even looking for them when watching a movie or listening to music. Pick a game genre you like, or at least one that wouldn't surpass your skill level.

    It really does make a difference if you can choose a game that you can finish. Start with smaller games. You like Mario? cool.. set it in an apocalyptic world, or in space, etc. Look at older games for ideas. Take Dizzy (old retro game) and add your own flavour to it. Just don't try and create the 2D version of WoW if you can't spend at least a year developing it. Think about your drawing skills too. I'm an artist, but rectangles do me for getting started with gameplay ideas. If it's fun with horrible looks boxes, then you're onto a winner But as an artist, I do find it hard not to jump into photoshop to make things look a bit prettier ;p

    The main thing is... DO THE GAME YOU'D LOVE TO PLAY. Everything else will flow.

    *excuse my incoherent rambling.. I'm a tad tipsy ahem

  • My advice is to start with game mechanics, look at other games if you have to. See what mechanics they use, which of them are fun and had success(still talking about the mechanics). Once you have a mechanic you like build on it, expand it, and make your own game. Inspiration is ok, just don't "copy&paste".

  • procrastinator Exactly, the idea isn't just to use the idea on the site, but to help brainstorm ideas. Then you can just string them together yourself.

  • The way I do it is on paper. Start with a small basic concept for it then slowly over time write some more ideas down that could go with it. Character set up. World setting. Type of world. Type of technology in the world. Religions in the world. How the world is ruled by it's leaderships. Resources available in the world. Just create an outline of things that your world could be. Then think of things that you would like the characters to do in that world.

  • What game you like to play the most and

    What game public plays a lot

    Put together. You have got the game idea.

    What do you like the most - its wide open

    You can produce character or game theme from this

    Now just develop from here

  • tbh I'm not sure why you'd be here if you didn't have already have a bunch of ideas. :/

  • I think a good idea is something that can be developed from something very simple. In my case, try to Construct2 gave me the opportunity to fail more than once with what I wanted make, but allowed me to find some mechanics that I not expected to find. In this case the idea was building on findings that give rise to new ideas or better.

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  • the ideas come naturally just read/watch/play/analyze anything you can so your brain will get more ideas to create new ideas from, you don't have to think yourself to death for a new one.

    and don't handwave ideas you think are not good, keep them in mind because a lot of good games came from stupid ideas.

  • They just pop into me at random times, normally when I'm doing something related to it. It soon develops in my mind and takes shape.

  • Good Luck.

  • watching movies, doing random stuff, they just appear. you should read a couple of sci-fi / adventure / mystery books, they might give you ideas.


  • Some of my best ideas came from Morpheus....

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