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  • Here is an idea for a game I want to make, you are welcome to steal it but I cant see it being a good game for anyone with any sort of religious beliefs.

    The idea of the game is, you play god.

    There is a sphere in the middle of the screen, which is earth. You can see all the continents and country's as you use your finger (or mouse) to scroll round the map.

    Then you can see which country's are at War, you can see over all debt and you can view different aspects of how the world and human race is working.

    Obviously there would be many more things would need to be added like weather control and over all health of the earth, if you fail the game the world ends.

  • A bit like extented Populous? World size with just one God?

  • What's the condition of failure? Can you win? How fast would it be? What are the possible things that I, as the player, can do?

  • When you mess up, would it display, "game over" or "You work in mysterious ways" ?

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  • "As a perfect God, you bury your mistakes and whistle Dixie as you ample away, pretending the imperfection of yet another destroyed world floating endlessly in the cosmos doesn't exist. Oh well, there's another 2 billion planets to try your perfection on."

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