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  • I just had an idea for a game, maybe it already exists in some form, where the main focus is on emptying an inventory.

    Picture's rather text based where you don't see battles but rather the aftermath only (or possibly by turn) and you select options after doing the inventory sorting.

    Each member of the party has an inventory and your main goal is to keep it with free slots or you lose. So at the end of battles they will randomly pick up loot, boss battles are worse to come across as they pick up more loot. You then get a chance to clear it out before continuing. There will be certain techniques you can use to clear items.

    Crafting - a random character can build items from a combination of smaller items clearing slots. Potions - a random character can combine potions you pick up to make more powerful potions and clear slots too. Something where the character will not automatically pick up loot could be a useful skill.

    Obviously as well as the inventory the items are important. They can be used automatically in battles by your chars. Potions and consumables can be kept to be used in battles, but at what cost? Oh yeah, it fills up your inventory.

    You can also equip items to characters to keep them out of the inventory and discard old ones.

    There would be upgrades along the way. Inventory can be made bigger etc.

    I think it would be fun because things like storing items, boss battle endings and random chests become bad things. Getting rid of as many items as you can (while tactically keeping some in the inventory) becomes more important. Also I really want a chance to have the item that fills your inventory and ends the game have a pop up, you've been killed by BREAD.

  • Match 3 mechanic ala Triple Town maybe?

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  • I checked out that game, looks fun. I didn't imagine any kind of match 3 mechanic although you could combine 2 items or keep combining them if possible. The items in your inventory would be important to battles too so it would be about keeping that balance of free slots and helpful items to use. At least in my mind it's nothing like this game but we shall see...

  • An interesting mechanic might be that you have to keep the item strengths within a usable range.

    You have to combine enough to cover what's necessary. Quality over quantity.

    Then again you would want to also keep the strengths low enough to not be a waste, or of such a high value that they would be refused so that they would be available for the "last boss".

  • newt hmm what do you mean specifically by item strengths? The idea was to possibly combine items that can be crafted, ore into weapons if they have a Smithing ability and herbs into potions if they have an Alchemy type ability. You would just equip melee/armour to the character to make space in the inventory and discard old ones although you could keep some back ups around, it'll be about deciding what to keep. Are you talking about a kind of repair system where items have strength points and become broken over time?

  • Like potions. Small, medium, large. And alchemedic possibilities as well. Two antidotes plus a potion equals an either.

    Small potion= 10 hp

    Medium potion= 20 hp

    Large potion= 50 hp

  • Yeah not sure what I'm doing with potions although plan was to have lots of different types and they cure status effects. I guess use them in the individual character inventories to heal themselves, but I also thought they could use items at random during a battle. They may pick items based on a need to heal or they may have to learn how to be tactful with items, using anything at random during a battle to begin with and then becoming cleverer.

    I also have plans to add in a thief class who steals items during battles, which is useful for gaining more items but if you don't have enough slots freed up then you would lose the game.

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