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  • I'm really interested to virtual development but I don't know where to start. I have a background in java and still learning it. Can someone recommend me what programming language is good for game development or should I continue with java?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thinking about the programming language is the wrong way to go IMO. Languages are just tools, think about the game you want to make first, then choose a language or tool (Construct 2, Game Maker, Unity) that will easily let you make the game.

    If you are a beginner I suggest you make small games (pong, tetris, breakout...) with as many languages and tools as possible. You have to get your feet wet, don't be lazy.

    Personally, I did that with C++ using SDL, Irrlicht (if someone from the Irrlicht community is reading this, I salute you!) and SFML, then in Java, then in C# with SFML, then made a pong in Javascript and HTML5 then I moved to game making software, I made a galaga clone in Stencyl, then many small clones of classic games in game maker, and now I'm developing using Construct 2.

  • If you want to stick to Construct 2 then it's a good idea to get familiar also with basic/main web development languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

    HTML will let you understand the layout.

    CSS will let you understand the formatting (it is also needed in C2 for TextBox formatting)

    JavaScript is the language C2 apps are based on. Getting familiar with JS wil lalso let you build your own plugins etc.

  • yeah, when developing a game you should think about the game you're about to make and then the platform you're going to target. The languages (or tools) are the answers to those 2 questions

    Zed2100 : Hey I used irrlicht too a few years ago! I salute you too man!

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  • From what I've seen, you can pretty much find a way to do almost everything in any language that you're familiar with. If there's anything you want to code, it may be obscure, but if you look hard enough, Java will have a solution for you. So just stick with what you are comfortable with and if need be, go to another language if you have trouble finding your solution or if Java is making it too difficult.

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