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  • Hey everyone I am currently working on my second Construct 2 game, Galactic Attack!

    I am a hobbyist designer who is just trying to do things I enjoy and creating things out of nothing is one of them. Anyways I have taken a couple courses on Udemy about Construct 2 and trying to expand on those ideas i learned...hence "Galactic Attack!"

    Genre - Rotation Space Shooter/Dodge Mechanics

    Rated - E

    Target audience is early gamers but strangely addicting for older gamers as well

    I think I am about 90% done and plan on posting some screenshots soon. Once the project is completed I will definitely post the link here.


    6 Levels of Main Game Mode(3 dodge, 3 Rotational with End Bosses)

    Survival Mode

    Thanks for tuning in,


    RTK3 Games

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  • Why posting it here when you have a dedicated forum for WIP ?

    You will have more answers on that forum (ppl love WIP) than this one because here it's more about HOW to make a game and not WHAT game are done

    When your project is published, don't forget to create a post in "Published creations" so everyone will know they can play your game

    Now about your game, it look nice but you should clean some little things : the ships shouldnt go over the Interface, and the Up/Down arrow are a bit ugly when it miss the Left/Right ones, you should choose some other buttons in the pack IMHO.

    Thanks for sharing !

  • My mistake...I did not see a WIP progress thread before I posted here. I will report over there.

    Thanks for the tips...once I get everything tested and working then I am going to fine tune the GUI.

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