Formations: What do you prefer?

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  • From 1 to 5 which formation would you rather use?

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  • For strategic formations, I prefer the first one from the top. BTW for what is that formation for?

  • Use, the last one.

    Used against me, i hope it will be the first one.

  • If it's an attack formation then you'd want one that provides for a maximum attacking at once so the skirmish ends quickly and friendly causalities are minimal. 5 for hand to hand combat since they can attack from all sides, and 3 for projectiles (arrow, bullets, rocks) because crossfire is reduced.

    1 would make the attack progressively more intense but I think it causes needless casualties of the initial ranks.

    4 is if we want it to be a fair fight, quite the favorite in video games for boss fights. This tests the endurance of the enemy.

    2 is just a harder version of 4.

  • BTW for what is that formation for?

    Trying to figure out how to do different types of formations.

    Thinking one might be prefered.

    All have some sort of flaw, that being friendly fire.

    Except an arc, but that has limitations too.


    To be more specific, this is the formation they would form after traveling from one point to another.

    Fairly certain you would not want any formation other than a straight line for the trip there.

    Hides numbers, bombs destroy clusters, etc.

  • Maybe the first formation will do.

  • How many Constructs are you willing to sacrifice? And what is the defense/attack capability of Constructs vs Unities?

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