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  • Hello everyone!

    First off I'm asking regarding American/Canadian football LOL before someone asks.

    What I'm looking to figure out is I have spent some time reading on game engines like C2, UE4, Unity 3D, CryEngine. C2 seems to be something I can at least put some of my ideas into a demo to show people that I can either gain more interest or maybe even a team to help make it more of what I envision it to be.

    Game would be based off of the board game I am currently prototyping.

    So my main question I am asking is if some of you in here that are more experienced with C2 could tell me if I'm on the right track using C2 for this purpose or if I should move on to another game engine. Think a Tecmo Bowl style that would hopefully look close to Scott Pilgrim vs the world or Phantom Breakers. When complete.

    I've even considered a demo that's very simple in the vain of a game I just noticed by accident tonight,Sorry if the URL doesn't work the game is called super sec soccer.

    I am extremely new and learning as I go so any help would be very appreciated, Thanks in advance!


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