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  • Well hi

  • I recommend you start with the most simple (easy) one. So you can actually finish it and accomplish something. Once you're done, add something to it and try to make it more fun and interesting!

  • I believe that your first game should 100% about learning about the program, and the different aspects of making games. So the game itself shouldn't be too hard to develop and complete in a polished manner.

    Think infinite score games type games (tetris, runners, flappy birds, etc), and put sounds, music, graphics, interface, and then publish it somewhere people can play it =)

    Your next game can be a little bit bigger and more complex.

    Of course, all this assuming you haven't made a game before xD

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  • thanks for the sugestions I took your sugestions and now im developing my first game ill work hard on it!

  • For me, the fastest way to learn is understand official example with manual on your side, then try to to recreate the example. By the time you covered the beginners and intermediate example, you should have a good grasp at C2, you should be able create a flappy bird without a sweat at this point with just under a few minutes. Good luck!

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