How do I find a joy in making games again?

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  • I have a word document filled with game idea upon game idea. None of them are too big of a scale. I have a simple platformer and a card game that, because they seem most simple and smaller scoped then the others, I want to make. But then I sit down in Construct 3. I mess around for awhile. Making 3D objects as a test (it works) and learning different things and researching. Then I think "this looks horrible" and press the exit button, not saving the project. It used to happen with me for word docs. But I now have some better ways to counter writer's block.

    Why is this so SO hard?


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  • Don't force yourself to do it if you don't like it.

    If you like it, maybe another approach can help to motivate. Prototype more on paper. Plan more, split up features in smaller tasks. Join a game jam.

  • Start small and try to finish something, I know its hard.

    I have C2 and also had C3 for years and yet have not a single project done.

    It happens..

  • Iterate, iterate, iterate. Even if you dont think it looks great, save your progress. In the future you might want to go back to that. Work on the parts of your game you KNOW how you can improve. As for the other parts, you might get an idea put of nowhere or ask others for help to achieve a kind of general vision you have.

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