Is Is a farming game possible with C2?

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  • Farming, like you water the crops and wait and they grow and you harvest and get coins to buy more seeds or items or land or whatever you spend money on. I've only seen a game with plants in it, once and still don't know if it's possible to add like a store or pause button, and other aspects of farming games.

  • Everything you mentioned is possible, and I would argue it's also quite easy to make. (at least with some C2 experience)

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  • Absolutely- you can make this easily. I made a prototype advergame where you have to water plants, harvest them, clear rocks etc. The key is to break the game into turns with the 'every x seconds' condition.

  • Very possible. We're considering something similar in the near-future.

  • Already done 1, if you have questions just ask ;)

  • This is all really cool. I don't have the experience to make a very good farming game, but I do wish to make one eventually. Thanks for the help!

  • What about saving the game? If the plants grow on their own even when the game isn't running would we have to base it on the system clock? if so won't people be able to hack it by changing the time on their computer? Any other way around this?

  • Cmurder , That should be able to be done easily with the arrays and the webstorage (JSON) !

  • But how would you go about that? Coming from a complete noob

  • It depends on if you want to make the game works while it is closed (3 days till something grows) or just while you are playing (no more than 15 minutes wait).

  • Yes, it can definitely be done.

  • yes, is possible but it's hard, you need to know php/java and mysql.... if you want to make a game online like farmville or something like that... if you know that, the difficult part it's just make a good gameplay with a very good art...

    if you want to make simple, like play offline, it's easy...but doesn't make anysense to me...

  • Cosme Def not realtime. Variating grow times. But within a reasonable time. Itz been a pain with the Inv system. But Imma have to work on a reasonable growing/planting system. Just dunno how to go about it? I know itz alot of work. Just need pushes in the right direction. I dun mind doing the work. Just need to know how lolz

  • I have a question ? How the "Hay Day" game can create too many objects or sprites, and still work smoothly on my low Android tablet ( ram 512 mb ) ? While my game is using under 150 objects and under 20 mb images on a layout and still get crashes (no crashes with devices have Ram is 1 GB or above ) >.< Really need helps here

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