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  • I've been working on the graphic elements for my game Super Awesome! for awhile, and I feel like I've hit an art block for the heads-up display. I've been looking at the same references for awhile (mostly 2D platformers/RPGs/adventure games from the SNES, genesis, and old pc eras), and they're not doing much for me so far.

    I was just thinking that y'all might have some idea of some other games that had some interesting HUD designs that could jump start my creative juices again.

    Just to give y'all an idea where I'm at, here's a half finished design I had floating around awhile.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • I love steam punk.

    This looks really good.

  • RandomFellow

    hi have you tried opengameart?

    there is a few designs on there..

    I like what you have done so far ; it has a olde world e feel to it..

    almost like an mechanics of a watch...

  • Overall I think your informaiton layering is good, but it looks more fantasy than steampunk. You could replace the HP/MP bars with pistons, sliders with springs, liquids, steam...

    Check Victorian Art and Art Nouveau's style to inspire you (bioshock series HUD as well, I remember they used something like that)

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • sved

    thats a really inspiring piece of art...

  • mineet

    You are an angel. I'd never even heard of opengameart!


    I'm not really going for a steampunk look, though I don't really want it to look too much like a generic fantasy one either. Something like the second Fable game or the later Discworld books.

    I think you're right though. If I can add some victorian or art deco accents here and there, it might give it a more unique look.

  • RandomFellow

    your welcome..

    I do like sved ideas..

    have you looked at simon the sorcer ? or

    sega dreamcast elemental gimmick gear- the graphics on this are hand drawn and are amazing<img src="" border="0" />

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