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  • --In construct 2 we have shadows however having actual lighting isn't really in. The closest I can seem to get it is by using a light sprite and every tick randomizing it size slightly. I also added a shadow light to compliment it.

    --For a day and night cycle I added a black sprite over everything else and had it at timed intervals change opacity.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any better ideas for what to do for lighting.

    The .capx file is attached.

  • Quick addition- The red box can be moved with the arrow keys, it's 8 directional movement.

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  • thats really great!!. I am so interested in learning about lighting myself.. adds a certin level of drama and quality to games.. can i use your capx as a model for my game?

  • Actually, yeah. Here, I modified your capx to show a bit better lighting. You could also do some fancier things with additive blending for lights (I do in my game), but this is a good start.

  • Yeah anyone is free to use it in their own games, the lighting speed will want to be altered for day and night. I changed it because I'm impatient.

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