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  • Many mobile games have Facebook button. What is it most commonly used for?

    I believe some games are using Facebook leaderboards and can show your friends scores. Some games can post messages on your wall.

    Are there any other reasons why I should ask players to login to Facebook?

    I don't plan to publish my game on Facebook and I'll be using Google Play or Appstore leaderboards.

    Also I want to add a "generic" share button that can share scores to various social networks.

    So do I need this Facebook button?

  • If you do not even know what to use it for then of course no, you will not need it..

    never ever ask for any login or permissions if you do not really need it for the functionality of the game.

  • I'm asking for an advice. Almost every popular mobile game has FB button these days.

    So I guess my real questions is - do players need this button? How many of them are using it (connecting, competing with FB friends, posting updates on their walls etc.)?

  • the button is mostly used as a share-button I believe.

    If you will have a generic share I think that will be enough

  • I think it's simple way to login and mange players without writing any additional codes for that. Everyone use facebook and its very comfortable for both users and developers to be connected with such social network.

  • fenis99

    Yes, but once the users logged into their facebook account - what's next? What do you mean by "manage players"?

    Post messages on their wall? Use Facebook Leaderboards?

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  • In my humble opinion, from what I've seen, there is two mostly common approaches. The one is a Best Record share (like mentioned above), even if you have an inbuilt GP leaderboard it's can be a cool addition. The second approach is a link to the Facebook page of your game or you games group, for giving more information about game/s, share more your games or simply gets likes etc. Both methods can be used in Twitter as well. And of course you can download a few popular games from GP with "Facebook button" and just examine it.

    P.S I set this Facebook Button in few of my games (Share Record), but I think it's never been used, but my games is not so good and popular so it's a bad example.

    P.P.S I just found out that in my builds this "Facebook Share" function is broken Facebook change many things since, so I have no idea how to set this function now.

  • @dop2000 Yes. It's way to get traffic from Facebook.

  • Nagval333



  • @dop2000 You're welcome.

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