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  • Hi, I have a problem when i'm want to export with the NW.js option. When the project is exporting, a warning appears:

    "Error during export: Cannot open file 'C:\Users\asus\....\osx32\myname.app\Contents\Info.plist'

    I can't to resolve them... any help?? Thanks!!

  • Are you opening it on a machine running a 32 bit version of OSX?

  • No, i'm 64bit..

    But in the section to Export NW, don't have any option to chose in how many bits i want :\

  • The export should include an osx64 folder - I think that's the one you should be trying to use. If it doesn't include one then your nwjsforc2 folder is corrupt and you should try reinstalling nwjsforc2...

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  • Yes, the folder "osx64" exist.. but when i try to execute the "exe" file that is in it, another message error appear: "The programme can't run because missing nw_elf.dll in the pc. Try to reinstall the programme to solve this problem."

  • OK, I have some questions:

    1. What operating system are you using to run c2 (windows / windows in wine or some other emulator)?

    2. What operating system are you trying to run the nw.js exported project in?

    3. Does your game preview in nw.js option from c2?

    As far as I know, .dll files do not run on a mac, so it seems to me that you are trying to run nw.js export on windows, so the osx32 and osx64 folders (which contain mac exports) are not what you want. If you're on windows you need to try either the win32 or win64 folders.

    If you're trying to run on osx then this forum question will probably help.

  • 1. Windows 64bit

    2. Windows 64bit

    3. The preview of NW.js seem that not work.. only charge but don't open anything

    Thanks for try to help me:) .. i hope that we solve that!

  • If you're using Windows then you need to run the export in either the win32 or win64 folder. Are you using r217 - there are know bugs preventing the export or preview from working? Try r216 and the correct nw.js v12 - does that work?

  • I'm using r206 :\

  • Install the latest stable version

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