Have you ever gotten complaints for too much blood/gore?

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  • For anyone who has put blood or gore into their games, have you received any sort of complaints from users, particularly parents or anyone else?

    I've been developing a game on C2, an RPG similar to Grand Theft Auto (the 2.5D earlier styles). Well, a few days ago I accidentally left a particle generator on loop and in-game after knocking the head off a criminal, the blood spurts relentlessly (almost covers the entire mobile screen). I thought it was a cool effect and decided to include it. I don't know if gore on mobile devices should be toned down because a lot of kids play it....any thoughts?

  • Well, I personally don't mind about gore and blood that much, but you may get declined, when you try to Release it on the major stores.

  • Isn't "blood & gore" promotional words? I'd rather think you'd get complaints for not having enough.

    But then again, it'll depend on what type of game you're making.

  • It all depends on your target audience. But in general no one will really care. If you go on mobile, if you are going into the mobile market, it might make more sense to have a really nice and clean art style, so things are easier to make out. So little special effects.

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  • I agree. If you're targeting ten year-old internet addicts or young adults/older teens, gore is important.

  • Gore = Win, however, why not have a simple toggle option like i have in human minesweeper?


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  • Human Minesweeper? HA! Awesome.

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