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  • If you have the free limited or licensed edition , pretend that you have only 100 Events Limit. What Strategy would you use to reduce events and adjust it to make a game with that limit?

    • Reducing from features
    • Reducing from gameplay
    • Reducing from settings
    • Reducing from UI & Buttons
    • Reduce equally from all the above
    • plan events and apply them on project
    • Other (explain)

    My strategy is to reduce from UI and Buttons and also if possible from features to maintain the project on 100 events

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    Make a 7200 events game (our current project)

    Well it's so damn convincing

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  • Manage the scope of the game.

    Put only features and interface that reinforce the game.

    Factorize everything you can in your code. Make abondant usage of the Function plugin.

  • i wold cut off the events, by not using global variables but a sprite hidden outside the screen making it global so it persists on all layouts, and add instances variables to him that will act as global variables, like the normal ones, not use groups, try limit my self to what i need and not overreact with features, use of family's also helps cut off events where you wold had to duplicate them, the sub events adding them as conditions, and that will help me make a 100 events that actually is made in 300 events

    but then, hunting for scirra offers, store coupons and buy the license also can help you reach the most desired dream - make a competition game in 1000 events and use the same rule that i said above!

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